Not all the people like the world of numbers because many believe that they don’t have feelings and emotions. But it is no coincidence that great Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras argued that “Numbers rule the world”. And if we carefully analyze our life, we will be surprised to find out that this is true! We live in a world where numbersdon’t just rule, they form cycles and determine everything – themovement of stars, solar flares, weather, economy, politics, history, the appearance and aggravation of diseases and even the private life of every individual! Among the many numbersand cycles, 12 hasthe largest number of values 12.

In the modern history of Azerbaijan this number has played an incredibly positive role – 2015 marks exactly 12 years since President Ilham Aliyev took office. As a citizen of my country, I would like to make a brief excursion into our recent history to remember the road we have covered over these years. This is necessary to remember that we are a single entity. This feeling will give us a sense of inner strength, hope, faith and pride of being citizens of a free and strong state.

A giant flag of Azerbaijan proudly flies on a vast square visible from almost anywhere in the city. It seems to indicate a new path for our homeland, providing everyone with warmth and giving every Azerbaijani home peace, tranquility and confidence of the future. I am proud of the opportunity to live in a country where I can study, work, develop my language, culture and traditions. But the transformation of Azerbaijan would be impossible without a strong and effective government, which has been a key tool in the implementation of these large-scale transformations. These changes required an authoritative leader, such as the incumbent President Ilham Aliyev. But the main achievement of our President is the fact that we feel like citizens of a strong country, whichholds a worthy place in the world and pursues an independent policy.This has been made possible thanks to his ability to find common language with different partners and to his realistic vision of the world. So much has been done over the years of his leadership that it is difficult to single out something in particular – this includes the strengthening of the military power, Azerbaijan’s achievements in the social sphere, population growth, tremendous sporting successes marked by numerous gold medals, various cultural and political events regularly held in our country. However as a creative person, I am particularly delighted by the great changes that have taken place in terms of the architectural appearance not only in Baku, but also the whole of Azerbaijan. I would describe this process with one word – transformation!

The key strategic direction Azerbaijan has adhered to in the last 12 years has been the modernization of all spheres of our lives. This is most clearly manifested in the architectural appearance of the capital. Let’s remember what Baku was like 15 years ago. Of course, our city has always been, is and will always be the most beautiful city on earth, but in the recent past the handsome Baku looked like a decayed aristocrat –untidy and dark streets, ramshackle balconies, old buildings darkened by time and with architectural elements about to fall off, trees covered with dried branches, roads with fallen through asphalt, sully parks and the empty boulevard… Our cheerful southern city seemed to have forgotten about its status of a capital…

And suddenly, as if on a wave of someone’s mighty hand, the city embarked on large-scale changes. Work started everywhere – people began to build new modern roads, bridges and countless tunnels, restore architectural buildings,raise skyscrapers, update communications, construct schools, hospitals, parks and squares, establish public, concert and sports facilities of amazing architectural design. As a result of these Herculean efforts, a few years later we found ourselves in a city the beauty and comfort of which impress not only us, but also everyone coming to Baku! Over the 12 years of his leadership, the President of Azerbaijan, having preserved the historical heart of the capital, has created a city of the 21stcentury, which will be an invaluable legacy for the prosperity of future generations. The new architectural appearance of Baku has become a kind of a message for the future – ifour young state has achievedthis outstanding success in such a short period of its independence, every young citizen of Azerbaijan should be able to achieve great heights as well.

Giving a general assessment to the deep and ambitious reforms initiated and implemented by the President of Azerbaijan in 2003-2015, I can say with full confidence that they were not impromptu but a successful implementation of a long-term strategy. The 12-year cycle shows that Azerbaijan has asserted itself as a nation-state with its own political and economic models that have earned international recognition.

There are many countries all around us. Their fate is not as successful as that of Azerbaijan, but everyone chooses his own way… And we will rejoice in the fact that we were born in the land of great opportunity, and I am proud that my youth and adulthood coincided with the era change!

Bahram Bagirzade

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